Now that last night's series-ending matchup between the Raptors and the Warriors is finally behind us, we can finally take some time to appreciate the funnier moments of the game.

For example, there's Toronto assistant coach Jamaal Magloire, who used a MacGyver-like method to try to distract Steph Curry while taking free throws.

Why would anyone use a bottomless cup as a megaphone? Science may be able to give the appropriate answer (though this writer can't confirm that).

Magloire, who is a Toronto native, is also a retired NBA player. Two years after winning an NCAA championship with the Kentucky Wildcats in 1998, he was drafted to the Charlotte Hornets. In 2004, he was named an Eastern Conference All-Star, making him the second Canadian player to do so behind Steve Nash.

So what exactly did he yell to Curry to try to throw him off his game? Fans took to Twitter to give their best guesses.