Free Agency Options: Golden State Warriors, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks 

Chopz: Brooklyn Nets 

I thought Kevin Durant to the Knicks was a sure thing all year, but his injury has assuredly shaken some things up. Returning to the Warriors makes more sense than it did before, but I still think KD is going to leave the Bay, but now, I think he's heading to Brooklyn. What I'm really looking for is if the Nets and Warriors might possibly work out a sign & trade for KD that sends some assets back to Golden State. 

Adam Caparell: Brooklyn Nets

After seeing how the Warriors took care of DeMarcus Cousins as he rehabbed from his own Achilles injury, his familiarity with the Golden State medical staff, his apparent comfort with life in the Bay Area, and the extra money he can make, I think KD re-upping with the Warriors is his most logical choice. But consider this an “educated” guess that the Nets, as of right now, end up being his destination.

Angel Diaz: Golden State Warriors

The Warriors aren’t letting KD go anywhere. Bob Myers and company feel guilty about how everything went down, so they’ll be offering him a 5-year SuperMax contract that’ll pay him $57 million more than any other team. I just can’t see him taking a risk of that nature, seeing that he’s 32 coming off a torn achilles. Durant will make a comeback from that injury like Dominique did, he won’t have the lift anymore but his game has never been about finishing at the rim. KD will forever be hard to guard.