The entire focus of the NBA is currently fixated on free agency and where the likes of star players Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving will end up. However, that's obviously not the only avenue in which teams can improve. We've already seen the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz make big splashes in the trade market, with moves to add Anthony Davis and Mike Conley. Both of those moves made the Lakers and Jazz instant contenders in the West, especially when you factor in the weakened Warriors.

The league is more wide open than it's been since the Warriors dynasty began, which means it's time for teams to go for it. Now is your opportunity to make a move like the Raptors did last summer, when they added Kawhi Leonard and won a title. Any fringe contender should be doing whatever they can to improve. The time is now. 

With that in mind, the Complex Sports squad put together five potential blockbuster trades that would surely shake up the NBA. 

Kevin Love Goes Home to Portland 

kevin love trade
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Over the weekend, Channing Frye started a flurry of rumors when he tweeted that Kevin Love on the Blazers would be an interesting move. Of course, Frye and Love are very close and some wondered if this was Love's way of asking for a trade. I don't think this is what happened, but would anyone be surprised if Love asked out of Cleveland in the near future?

The Cavs are in full rebuild mode and Love should go somewhere and compete for a championship. This move would be a homerun for the Blazers and make them a top contender in the league behind a Big 3 of Dame, CJ, and Love. 

The Warriors Trade Draymond Green

draymond green trade
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Ok, so just stick with me here. The Warriors don't have a lot of avenues to improve their team, especially if Kevin Durant leaves in free agency. With Klay Thompson likely missing the first half of next year, they need to improve the roster and trading Draymond Green before he's due his next max contract is likely they only way they can add real talent.

In this deal, Draymond ends up back home in Michigan, while Boston gets involved and picks up Blake Griffin to pair with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. For the Warriors, they'd be taking a chance on Gordon Hayward, but if he returns to form, he'd be an excellent piece next to Steph Curry. 

Nuggets Land Bradley Beal

bradley beal trade
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Yes, Bradley Beal just said that the Wizards won't trade him, but that's not fun. In this scenario, the Wizards cut a big contract while bringing back some draft picks to kickstart their much-needed rebuild. For the Nuggets, they'd be adding an elite player in Beal to pair along with Jokic and Murray. The Nuggets were very good last year, but they need to keep adding talent, and Beal would be a guy that could put them closer to title contention. 

Boston Adds Steven Adams 

steven adams trade
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Boston is a truly fascinating team this summer. They're likely losing Al Horford and Kyrie Irving, but still have Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Danny Ainge will surely still be aggressive, and in this move, he picks up Steven Adams from the Thunder. For Oklahoma City, they're taking a chance on picking up Gordon Hayward, who could potentially fit nicely with Russ and PG. 

Aaron Gordon to the Clippers 

aaron gordon trade
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The Clippers have big dreams this summer, but there's no guarantee that they'll end up with Kawhi Leonard in July. With huge cap space, this move gets them a young star in Aaron Gordon, but also keeps their space to add another star like Jimmy Butler. Orlando picks up a first round pick in the deal, while Miami clears some longterm money. Call it in.