Nike have announced a collaboration with Samuel Ross' Concrete Objects alongside a new youth sports partnership to get more young people moving in the capital.

The Swoosh brand have committed to a multi-year partnership with Virgin Sport to get Hackney moving – for the community, by the community – which includes the Hackney Festival of Fitness will take place from 17th to 19th May and is the youngest, most diverse sporting event in the city.

Nike is encouraging 10,000 Londoners to take on their first 5k and for those willing to push the boundaries will be unlocking 1,300 Hackney Half places in 2020 and 2021, with Nike also partnering with Samuel Ross and Jobe Burns of Concrete Objects on a wavey new capsule collection to design the event's finish gantry, finisher medals and t-shirts. Check out some teaser imagery of the Nike x Concrete Objects Hackney Half collab below. 


Nike will also be partnering with Track Mafia – who have been at the heart of Hackney Half since its inception – to engage with the community in an authentic way and become the voice of Hackney to get people active.

Cory Wharton-Malcolm founder of Track Mafia and Nike Running Head Coach said, “There are some who believe that the Hackney weekend is just about running, but to us and many others it’s about so much more. It’s about togetherness, it’s about supporting others and most importantly it’s about celebrating our differences. This, for us, is the epitome of community – the ability to come together and share the road with people who in your normal day to day life you would never come across."

The commitment to Hackney and other youth partnerships represents a significant moment for Nike. By strengthening their commitment to furthering youth partnerships, they'll look to enable more young Londoners to play sport in the next few years.  Click here for a link to sign up for the Hackney 5k and to get moving with other young Londoner’s from the borough.

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