Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge suffered a mild heart attack while he was in Milwaukee for the team's playoff game on Tuesday night.

According to the team, Ainge has been treated and is returning to Boston where he's expected to recover. 

"He received immediate medical attention and is expected to make a full recovery," the Celtics shared in a tweet.

Ainge's health scare comes as the 60-year-old's team is in the midst of a playoff run. The Celtics are playing the Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals for a chance to (more than likely) lose to the Warriors at the end of the season. The Celtics are currently even with the Bucks in the series after two games and will play their third game on Friday. 

Even by the high-pressure standards of the NBA, this year has been a stressful one for the Celtics GM and president. With the team's star player unhappy and actively seeking a way out, Ainge is facing down a future without one of the league's best players. He shared earlier this season that the team has its work cut out for it when the Celtics need to find a way to score without Kyrie on the court.

"If you just look at the data over the past two years our team has been so much better," he said, countering talk that the team played better while Irving was hurt. "It wasn't but a month ago that we were trying to figure out how in the world are we going to score without Kyrie on the court."