Canelo Alvarez has been interested in avenging his defeat to Floyd Mayweather ever since losing by decision in their 2013 match-up. In the years since, Mayweather has retired from the ring with a silent vow to only put on the gloves for fights with outstanding payouts. However, on Monday, Mar. 3, boxing legend and Alvarez's current promoter Oscar De La Hoya claimed that if Floyd agreed to the fight then a Canelo/Mayweather rematch could rake in more than one billion dollars. 

"If Floyd Mayweather decides to come back, a fight with him and Canelo could be a $1.5 billion fight," De La Hoya told TMZ Sports.

Although the $1.5 billion would be profit split between the boxers and other entities, with Floyd running a lot of his business through his in-house TMT Promotions, the fighter would obviously secure a very large bag. And with the money talking like Chris Tucker, De La Hoya hopes that speaking Floyd's language will bring him out of "retirement."

Also, like any good promoter, De La Hoya didn't just use one sales tactic. In addition to the potential payday, De La Hoya also took a jab at Mayweather's decisions to fight novelty opponents like Tenshin Nasukawa, instead of giving the fans what they truly want.

"Floyd is retired... so there's no fight to make," De La Hoya explained. "If Floyd did want to come back... he should stop fighting fighters that are two weight divisions smaller than him."

With his legacy and a check in the balance, Floyd's inner competitor and businessman might collide and move him into a rematch against Canelo. But it should be noted that Alvarez is not the only boxer that wants another shot at Money Mayweather. Canelo would have to fall behind legend Manny Pacquiao, who is also reportedly interested in a rematch.

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