LeBron James shared a tribute to Michael Jordan after passing the NBA legend on the all-time scoring list.  


LeBron passed MJ on Wednesday to become the 4th leading scorer in the history of the NBA. The fact caught plenty of people off guard, but none more so than James himself. 

"Still tripping about last night. Couldn’t have in a trillion years thought that would be possible especially knowing where I come from and what I watch him do every single night!" he wrote on Instagram. "Doesn’t make sense to me to be honest."

There's no way to doubt James' sincerity. He was visibly overcome with emotion when he passed Jordan during the game. 

MJ was less effusive, but still took a moment to congratulate LeBron. 

LeBron now sits behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387), Karl Malone (36,928) and Kobe Bryant (33,643). He could conceivably pass Kobe next season, and if everything breaks right, passing Kareem somewhere down the road is very much in play for King James. In spite of LeBron passing MJ in points, the GOAT debate is still up in the air. As Bleacher Report points out in their by-the-numbers comparison, James took 118 more games than Jordan  to reach the milestone. MJ went 6-6 for in the NBA Finals, while LeBron is 3-6. However, James has been to many more Finals contests and his 8 in a row is well over MJ's longest streak of 3.