When you've played in the NBA for 16 years, lots of your current contemporaries watched you when they were growing up. It's a fact that can make you feel old, or good, or both at the same time. On Monday night Dwyane Wade went up against Atlanta Hawks rookie Kevin Huerter in a match-up that you would not build a commercial campaign around, but it did lead to a cool postgame moment where Wade swapped jerseys with the fresh-out-of-Maryland 20-year-old guard.

Huerter grew up idolizing Wade, and the fact he wears the No. 3 is not a coincidence. After the Heat's 114-113 win, Wade sought out Huerter for a nice little moment that was caught on camera:

Afterward Wade explained why Huerter was his most recent choice for his latest retirement tour jersey swap.

“Earlier in the year a good friend told me about [Huerter] when he was younger that he used to wear my shoes and the No. 3 because of me, he looked up to me," he said. "So I knew I was going to surprise the last time we played them but I really like his game. Since preseason when we played him to all the way up to now he’s gotten so much better. So from one No. 3 to another, I thought I’d switch jerseys with him." 

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