Back in 2018, Diddy said he was up for becoming an NFL owner. A year later, New England Patriots' owner Robert Kraft seemed to have at least warmed to the idea.

Before swerving away from a question about his support for President Donald Trump, Kraft told TMZ Sports that he would like for Diddy to become a franchise owner.

"I hope so," Kraft said. "I'm a big fan of his."

In a response that mirrored Kraft's short answer, Diddy told TMZ that "it's definitely time" and he's still interested in buying an NFL franchise.

Diddy's name was first thrown around for possible ownership in late 2017 when he made a plea to powerful black entertainers to help him put together an ownership team so that they can buy the Carolina Panthers. At this time, Kraft was vocal in his support of the move.

But before the collective was assembled, the team was sold to Hedge fund founder David Tepper for $2.2 billion. The hip-hop mogul then went on record stating that he no longer wanted to be a co-owner of an NFL team due to the league's overt oppression of their black players. 

Diddy is always the savvy businessman, however. Now, with Diddy proclaiming "it's time" for him to become an owner, he has shown that his mission to bring black ownership into NFL wasn't a neglected goal rather more of a dream that had been deferred.