Kristaps Porzingis has been transforming his social media to fit the aesthetic of the Dallas Mavericks since being traded to them on Thursday. But on Saturday, the former Knicks superstar took a break from posting photoshopped pictures of himself with Luka Doncic to warn the fans in New York City.

"The city deserves better than that," Porzingis wrote on his Instagram Story. "My suggestion to knicks fans is to STAY WOKE!! Peace." He didn't elaborate on exactly why Knicks fans needed to stay woke, though.

The Knicks did trade the All-Star center after the parties held just a five-minute meeting. From their short talk, Porzingis reportedly left the Knicks with "the impression" he "no longer wanted to be apart of [their] group" and was moved to the Mavericks hours later. 

Porzingis's exit and the team's relatively weak returns have many fans thinking that the Knicks are clearing cap space so that they can secure one of the summer's big free agents. Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker, and a disgruntled Kyrie Irving are potential targets this offseason. But the Knicks putting all their eggs in the free agency basket hasn't worked out well for them in the past.

With the Knicks sitting at 10-41, the tank for Zion Williamson movement appears to be still in effect.