While being in the concussion protocol (and also missing two games) isn't an ideal situation for any athlete, it sure as hell beats being dead. That's the current reality for Timberwolves All-Star Karl-Anthony Towns, who told reporters on Monday that he's "lucky to be alive" after being involved in a car crash that took place last Thursday. Looking back, he also assessed his chances of survival at five percent, which, if true, certainly backs up that "lucky to be alive" line.

"The accident could have went—I'd say I had a five percent chance of making it out alive," Towns told the assembled reporters. "I hit the five percent mark. I'd say four percent was to be seriously injured, and one percent was to be minorly injured—and I came out in the one percent."

Towns relayed that he was in a Hyundai Santa Fe at the time, and that the vehicle (driven by an assistant strength coach) came to a complete stop in an effort to avoid an accident that had occurred in front of him on the interstate. At that point, the car he was in was hit by a semi, which Towns estimates was going about 35-45 miles per hour. Towns refused medical treatment at the scene. The resulting injury (while minor) halted Towns' streak of 303 consecutive starts, which had been every game up to this point in his nearly four-season NBA career. 

Anyway, Towns is no longer in the concussion protocol and is expected to return to the floor on Monday night against the Kings.