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It's true though 😉

— Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) December 30, 2018

Recently, a young Saints fan asked Cam Newton to sign his dustpan, and Cam threw the pan in the trash. Instead of issuing an apology, the Panthers’ social media team had the perfect response to the situation. The Panthers love to play up Charlotte on their feed, and who could blame them? That’s a great city. They also love to hype up Julius Peppers—who deserves it, considering he’s still getting sacks at age 39—and fantasy football maestro Christian McCaffrey. On this feed, you’ll catch the occasional Napoleon Dynamite or Ron Swanson GIF, as well as some well-timed sass and sauce. Further, the Panthers have set the standard for NFL social media Photoshopping in recent years with heat like this. This team doesn’t have 3.01 million followers because they have a massive fan base. #KeepPounding