Although Saquon Barkley's impressive rookie season was cut short, he is still finding ways to put on for his city.

TMZ spotted the New York Giants running back last Friday outside of Red Rabbit, a New York City nightclub. As he was about to enter the building, he encountered patrons waiting on a line to enter the venue and decided to give them a New Year's treat.

Barkley handed each member of the line a crisp $100 bill, telling them "Happy New Year. Be well." It's plausible that Barkley had that money to spare, as his rookie contract is valued at $31.2 million for four years. Add that in with partnerships with Nike and Pepsi, it becomes apparent that Barkley won't miss those bills.

Aside from the act of giving away cash to strangers, many New Yorkers look at Barkley as a hometown hero. This past season alone, Barkley's performance solidified his place among those in contention for NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. His list of accolades include gaining 100 scrimmage yards in each of his first six professional games, just shy of Kareem Hunt's seven-game record.

In an interview with Complex, Barkley stated that the Giants' expectation was "to win the Super Bowl." Though the Giants are no longer in contention for the Super Bowl, his rookie season is something to be proud of. He is expected to suit up for the upcoming Pro Bowl on Jan. 27.