Questions on the future of Rob Gronkowski have been swirling since before the season began. With multiple reports assuring fans that this will be the last year the Pats tight end graces the gridiron, it has been assumed that Gronk's next career move will be to Hollywood.

However, with just one game left in the season, Gronkowski has yet to announce his retirement or plans afterward. This combined with the recent reports of Gronk turning down a breakthrough acting role has many speculating if he is even planning on hanging up his shoulder pads.

On Tuesday (Jan. 29), Sports Illustrated published an article that detailed Gronk's acting career. Gronk's pseudo-acting manager Henry Penzi explains the beginning of their relationship and Gronk's acting career. He then tells SI a story of how Gronkowski turned down a career-changing acting offer last fall.

"It was a big role. God, we would’ve loved to be on that movie," Penzi said. "Are you kidding me? I wanted to jump (off) a building when he said no."

This "big role" Penzi was referring to was the chance for Gronk to co-star alongside John Cena in an action-comedy Playing with Fire. Penzi felt that the movie is centered around two humorous firefighters could have been Gronk's "big break" into Hollywood. 

The story follows the news that Gronk has also deferred the opportunity to be apart of the WWE. Ironically, like Playing with Fire, John Cena is leading a bandwagon of fans that want Gronkowski to become a WWE Superstar. This is something that the Super Bowl champion has strongly considered but those close to him say it is likely he will not sign with the WWE.

By backing out of two profitable post-football ventures, the question is posed: Will Gronk play another season, or is it that he just doesn't like John Cena?