Lebron might not be trading in the sideline wine for a warm-up just yet as his agent has made it clear that the only timeline there is for the King’s return to the court is his own.

Since going down with a groin injury on Christmas day, the Lakers have struggled going just 4-7 in his absence. Yet despite fans of the team itching for LeBron to return and get LA back on track, James’ agent let it be known that he and his client are on “nobody else's timeline.”

“We don't give a sh*t what nobody thinks or says,” James’ agent Rich Paul told The Athletic. “We're going to do what's best for him. The best-case scenario was three weeks, the worst-case was six weeks, and we're right on schedule. He'll improve his workload, and he'll be day to day from there.”

Paul’s sentiments echo the Lakers’ feelings towards James injury. In a press release ahead of the team's upcoming two-game road trip, the organization confirmed that LeBron was on pace to make a speedy recovery while also alluding to the fact that they will not rush him back onto the court.

“LeBron James was evaluated by team medical staff and physicians today,” the release reads. “James, who will not travel with the team on the upcoming two-game road trip, has been cleared to return to practice commencing next week, and progress towards a return to game play thereafter.”

This is bittersweet news for the Lakers. Although they will soon be getting back their star player, the team is barely hanging on to the eighth playoff seed in the ever competitive Western Conference.

Yet, despite this hint of concern, Paul insisted that LeBron will not be pressured into coming back too soon and that he will take the injury day-by-day, telling the publication that James will only suit up when he feels he’s 100 percent healthy.

“Look, LeBron is in his 16th year, and he's a proven guy,” Paul explained. “He doesn't owe nothing to nobody. When he's ready to be back, he'll be back. It's as simple as that. Until then, he's going to root his teammates on and try to help them as best he can.”