The internet has always been an unforgiving place. It doesn't care if you're a four-time NBA MVP with three finals rings, there are no exceptions to this rule. Which is something the Boston Celtics proved when they sent a hilarious troll LeBron James' way.

The picture posted to the Celtics' Instagram page, the team toys with the current trending #10YearChallenge by framing side-by-side shots of LeBron James and young Boston star Jayson Tatum. The first half of the picture shows Tatum as a young NBA fan smiling with joy at the opportunity to meet his then-idol LeBron James. Yet, the second half of the post illustrates the phrase "idols turned to rivals" as it shows a still of Tatum's electrifying dunk over King James during last years' Eastern Conference playoffs. And the caption "2008/2018 #10YearChallenge" brings the playful diss full circle. 


2008/2018 #10YearChallenge

A post shared by Boston Celtics (@celtics) on Jan 14, 2019 at 11:19am PST

Seeing the then-rookie Jayson Tatum dunk on a player known for doing all things great (including protecting the rim) was a playoff highlight. And although Boston would eventually lose the series, Tatum's first defining moment can be compared to the likes of Iverson crossing Jordan as it help set the stage for the change of guard that is approaching with many members of the infamous 2003 draft class taking their last dribbles.