Football fans have been on the edge of their seats in anticipation of where superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown will land this off-season. Jerry Rice, arguably the best offensive player in NFL history, may have an answer to this question as he went on record stating that Brown is interested in restoring the glory of the San Francisco 49ers' receiving core.

During an appearance Monday (Jan. 14) on sports radio, the Hall of Famer said he and Brown have been in constant communication and that the seven-time Pro Bowler is interested in playing for the team that made Rice a household name. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah," Rice told 95.7 The Game. "(Brown) wants to come here badly." 

Rice continued the conversation about Brown's next steps by telling the 49ers' front office they should make a push to acquire the receiver.  

"If you got a player like that, that you can get, that can really add to the offense of the San Francisco 49ers where you let those guys go play, I think you have to go for it," he said.

Rice also recently FaceTimed with Brown, which puts more weight behind his words:

Jerry Rice isn't the only Hall of Fame wide receiver who thinks the 49ers should go after Brown. In a previous interview on the same show, Michael Irvin stated that he too feels like Brown would be a great fit for the San Francisco offense.

"Oh my god. That would be insane," Irvin said. "Put Antonio Brown with Jimmy (Garoppolo) and having Kyle Shanahan lining him up and giving him the ball? Remember, the best year Julio Jones had was with Kyle Shanahan running things. They just got rid of the guy down there because he didn’t know how to get Julio Jones the ball in the end zone. That’s not an issue Kyle Shanahan had with him, and that’s the issue that guy had."

This potential move is setting the stage for what will be one of the biggest stories of the NFL off-season as Brown is an undeniable playmaker who will bring Super Bowl contention to whatever team decides to acquire him.