From "the tuck rule" to deflategateTom Brady's incredible career has been marred by some pretty questionable moments. But even with that history of events, the NFL has yet to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Brady doesn't just bend the rules. Yet what the league can't do, a child will. This led an elementary school student using fact to not only prove Brady is a cheater but also win his science fair. 

10-year-old Ace Davis from Lexington, KY made it his mission to prove how deflating game balls prior to the 2015 AFC Championship gave Brady an unfair advantage.

Through a series of experiments conducted with the help of his research assistants (his mom and sister), Davis deduced that the median average one can throw a slightly deflated football is further than one filled to the regulated limit. Davis combined these numbers with physical evidence of the experiment (which included Tom Brady memes) that solidified his results.

In an interview with NFL Draft Diamonds, Ace explained by he chose to prove Brady's guilt. 

"Because I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before, I want him to be caught," Ace said bluntly. 

This scientific amount of hatred is so beautiful that it could fuel a Dave Chappelle sketch. It also propelled Ace to the top of his school's science fair. Davis is now going to take his theory to Kentucky's state science fair where he's confident Brady's scandalous past will help him win that prize as well.