Rumors recently began circulating that Los Angeles Lakers guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could be up for trading in the near future with his one-year contract set to expire. On Thursday, LeBron James was asked about the rumors during an interview, and his response was, to put it lightly, pretty blunt.

“It’s a business," LeBron James said. "If you get traded, that don’t mean your paycheck stops. It doesn’t matter, you’re still going to be in the NBA, just continue to get better and better. If you get traded it’s part of the business. It happens. I mean it sucks, that’s for sure, but it happens, so you just go about it."

James then went on to namedrop his old Cavs teammate Kyle Korver, who got traded to the Jazz in November.

"My good friend Kyle Korver just got traded in his 16th year, so you think it’s hard for a younger guy. I think it’s harder for an older guy to do it," James continued. "An older guy with family and kids, things of that nature, been in the same city for years and then you get traded? I think it’s harder for those guys than it is for the younger guys.”

Check out what James had to say about the matter above.