Lance Stephenson was born ready to dance. Case in point, this video of Stephenson surprising a Zumba class in Santa Monica. The clip, courtesy of SLAM, has everything: Jheri curl wig? Check. Grainy film quality for verisimilitude? Check. Upbeat instruction? Check. A faux ordering screen complete with credit card and calling information? Check. Dance training that doubles as basketball moves? Check:


Sir Lance-A-Lot
Image via YouTube/SLAM

"Sir Lance-A-Lot is the greatest teacher of dance of all time," one plant attendee of the class said afterwards. We also really enjoyed the outfit of the real-life Zumba instructor: An unbuttoned denim vest over a v-neck tee-shirt. LA is lit, mang.

And you know at least one white person in that class yelled out "It's Rick James, bitch!" when Lance came out, then cowered in the corner after everyone glared at them.

Regardless of how you feel about these sorts of spoofs, and we could really take them or leave them, Lance can really dance. Just ask the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

He's almost been as prolific on the court as he has off it. The Lakers' wing may only have his current gig because LeBron was tired of his in-game antics when they faced off against each other, but he's been performing admirably in the 14 minutes a night he's been on the floor. He's shooting 37.1 percent from 3, which is slightly above average, and he's got one of the lowest turnover percentages of his up-and-down career. However, it's unclear if dancing is part of his assimilation into the LeBron-led Lakers. Let's hope so.