When fighting someone nicknamed "The Korean Zombie," one might want to use every move they have to win. That is exactly what Yair Rodriguez did on Saturday (Nov. 10) when he landed an unbelievable elbow to end his match against Chan Sung Jung. 

With the time expiring in the final round of the match, Rodriguez perfectly commemorated the 25th anniversary of the UFC as he slipped Jung's final surge of punches, landing an elbow that knocked his opponent out with just one second to spare. The finish tied the UFC record for latest finishes, which was set in 2015 when Demetrious Johnson last second armbar submitted Kyoji Horiguchi at the 4:59 minute mark. 

Before the advanced angles, in real time and to the naked eye, it appeared as though Jung merely folded after missing Rodriguez with a flurry of punches. But after further review, it was proven that the Mexican born-fighter did indeed strike Jung with an elbow, setting social media ablaze and creating one of the most fantastic finishes the sport has ever seen.

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