There has never been another dunker with the longevity of Vince Carter. Half Man, Half Amazing has been putting on a show for NBA fans since his rookie year in 1998 and continues to soar above the rim at age 41. While VC is remembered for his epic performance in the Slam Dunk Contest at the 2000 NBA All-Star game, the 8-time NBA All-Star has had some vicious slams in his 30s and later.

The oldest player in the NBA has made a living posterizing seven footers, blowing by elite defenders and energizing crowds for 21 years. Each facial is capped off with Carter’s patented “crank it up” celebration as he jogs back down the court.  According to Pro Basketball Reference, Carter has thrown it down during a regular season game 24 times since turning 40 years old. The 41-year-old almost has as many dunks this year with the Atlanta Hawks as he did in an entire season with the Memphis Grizzlies at age 38.    

“He’s the best old dunker of all-time. Dominique Wilkins wasn’t dunking at 40, Michael Jordan was shooting floaters and Kobe Bryant ripped up his arms and legs,” says Carter’s former teammate Ryan Hollins.

It’s time to take a look back at Vinsanity’s best dunks after the age of 30.