Recently former wide receiver Terrell Owens made his feelings on Eli Manning pretty clear, telling TMZ that he thought it was time for the New York Giants to consider sending the quarterback and his "eroding" skills on his way. When asked about how he might feel about the situation, Eli's former throwing target Victor Cruz said that he might agree with what Owens had to say about Manning.

Asked about the team's disappointing performance as of late, Cruz responded that it's "not just Eli, that's everybody. It takes a full team it's eleven guys out there on that field not just one." Despite this, he said that he does think that the team needs to make some changes.

When asked if he would bench Eli given the choice, he hesitated for a moment. "Maybe, yes at the moment," Cruz told TMZ. "Just to see what I got in my future. Just to see what's going on." Mostly he believes it's a good time for the team to see what their backups are capable of with their offense, although their backup quarterback Kyle Lauletta was arrested in New Jersey earlier this week following a traffic incident with cops.

If Manning were to move on, Cruz admitted that "it would be weird to see him in another jersey, but I think he'll find a job somewhere for sure." Cruz got his Super Bowl ring alongside Manning in 2012 when the Giants toppled the Patriots. New York hasn't won a playoff game since, and the team released Cruz in 2017 following his struggles with injury.