The ubiquity of Fortnite is mere days from overlapping with the NFL's own dominance of the marketplace. On Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. ET, Fortnite players will be able to procure NFL-themed outfits in the game's shop, according to a release from Epic Games.

Each outfit can be swapped for all 32 teams (the Bills and Browns jerseys probably come premade in tatters), as well as a unique Fortnite team. Not only that, but every number from 0-99 is available to put on your avatar's duds.

Professional football is just the latest world Fortnite hopes to conquer. The game has already become a favorite of the hip-hop sphere (and low-key misogynists), where squaring off in a virtual world looks to replace battle rapping. Fortnite has even been co-opted as a subset of pornography, unfortunately feeding an anachronistic stereotype about gamers. But the game's acceptance into mainstream culture dovetails nicely with the NFL, which pegs itself as America's national pastime. 

With parents hiring Fortnite tutors instead of piano teachers these days, and NBA players lamenting the game's more intoxicating elements, it won't be long before your character will automatically update when you're getting dressed in the morning. For now, enjoy throwing your favorite team's jersey on your character so your online creation can more appropriately mirror the one your parents created in real life.