The Bills should just hire whomever throws a dildo the furthest the next time New England is in town to find their next quarterback. That's how bad Nathan Peterman has been for a franchise that actually perks up Cleveland sports fans (that 2016 title just gets more special as time passes). The Peter Man—trademark, Pablo Torre—has thrown a single touchdown this season against seven picks, and the Bills are in the running to become the first NFL team since 1977 to have more pick-6's than touchdown passes on a season. Peterman is so bad, one Bills fan started a GoFundMe in an attempt to get him to retire.

"Nathan Peterman, we understand your passion to play football and especially in the NFL" the page says. "But please for the love of God retire and leave and never come back.  WE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY, JUST LEAVE!"

So far, fans have donated $117 towards the $1 million goal, led by three (3) votes of $10. So, not only do Bills fans want the Peter Man to retire, but they're too cheap to make it happen.

To give you an idea how bad Peterman has been, the QB he replaced, Josh Allen, sports the worst—61.0—quarterback rating in the league. Well, Peterman's is less than half that number (30.0) through two starts and four appearances. If only there were an available quarterback out there, one who led a team to the Super Bowl not that long ago and could bring some freakin' talent behind center...