Charles Barkley oozes insight on Inside the NBA. He makes a point to say he's not an expert, but we know better. During Thursday night's TNT telecast of the Sixers-Bulls game, Markelle Fultz actually decided to shoot from beyond 23 feet, and the home fans naturally went delirious when it ripped the twine. Chuck didn't care about that, and had a message for the haters on his favorite online platform.

"Listen, let me talk to these damn idiots on Twitter," Barkley says in the video above. "People are pulling for [Markelle]. The kid struggled mentally with his shot. We’re all pulling for him. That’s why we’re excited to see him do well. You just sit at home in your grandma’s basement with your drawers on, typing on your damn keyboard. Shut the hell up. We’re pulling for Markelle Fultz. All the people on the internet who are mean, they sit at home living with their parents—like 32 years old living with their parents, got their computer out, watching the world go by them, cookie crumbs on their stomach."

We tend to agree. It's a tad early—he's only appeared in 16 regular-season games after last night's contest—to give up on the No. 1 pick in the 2017 Draft. He looked shook in the opener, but playing in Boston can be rough, especially for a guy who invites so much criticism after an odd rookie season, plagued by the yips, or a shoulder injury, or something else. 


However, the characterization Barkley made about people on Twitter sounds eerily familiar to the Cheeto-in-Chief's explanation about who may have hacked the 2016 election, so we're a little concerned the Rotund Round Mound of Rebound is mirroring the same stereotypical diction about people online. Now we should really put pants on before Grams comes downstairs.