Oh how the mighty have fallen. Two-time MVP and three-time champion Steph Curry is keeping his ego in check ahead of training camp for the 2018-19 NBA season, which might actually be a good thing after two consecutive titles. 

After getting beaten in a skills challenge by a pro from the Philippines during his Asian Under Armour tour, video surfaced of him on Reddit getting nutmegged by a little kid (8:52 mark below, and another angle up top).

The move really would've earned lifelong bragging rights if the kid had managed the ensuing shot. Still, how often do you get to say you 'megged a two-time MVP?

Curry was diplomatic, though, and held up long enough for the kid to get the rebound and go back up to sink the layup. Steph's magnanimity is rare these days among NBA players. Usually they take great delight in sending a prepubescent kid's shot into the rafters. Good on Steph for letting this kid have his shine.