Plenty of people are probably having a terrible day as a result of the Buffalo Bills dismantling of the Minnesota Vikings. Anthony Barr, for one. Vontae Davis, for another. But we doubt that anyone is having a worse day than the guy who placed $9000 on the Vikings to win, only to see them go down 27-6 (in a game that looked much more lopsided than that score suggests).

First, a bit of backstory. Though you wouldn't know if from watching today's game, the Buffalo Bills looked like they were heading for a comically bad year. We're talking Cleveland Browns this century bad. The quarterback they trotted out as their starter at the beginning of the year made a great case to go down as the worst in modern history. A veteran player retired in the middle of a game. It was ugly. 

Given all this, the Vikings were favored to win by an absurd amount for an NFL game. The odds of a Viking victory were -2,000, meaning that a bet of say $9,000 would pay out $450 to the person who placed it. 

That's a crazy amount of money to put up to win less than the cost of an internet mattress. But it was the Vikings vs. the Bills. It was a sure thing. Until Josh Allen got out there and did this: 

And this:

And did we mention this?

...all on the way to helping the Bills secure the biggest underdog victory in the NFL in over two decades. There's no doubt in my mind that this particular bettor used whatever money he had left to make an Allen voodoo doll.

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