One day after Louisiana State University basketball player Wayde Sims was shot and killed, authorities arrested a suspect.

According to CNN, Chief Murphy Paul said the Baton Rouge police took Dyteon Simpson into custody after he confessed to killing Sims.

"Wayde stepped in to defend his friend," Paul explained, "and was shot by Simpson." He continued: "Simpson was questioned and admitted to being in possession of a weapon, admitting to being on the scene and admitted to shooting Wayde as well." The police were also able to place Simpson at the crime scene by matching his DNA with a pair of glasses found by detectives.

The 20-year-old basketball player was reportedly trying to stop a fight between his friend and Simpson before he was fatally shot in the head. The police department reportedly received videos of the moments leading up to the tragic event as well as the shooting. The videos allegedly show "more than a half dozen men fighting" before the shooting occurred.

Paul later added that they were able to find the suspect with the help of the community.

"In Baton Rouge, people are telling the truth," he said. "And the community in Baton Rouge is getting sick and tired of the violence that's going on in this community. And we're going to ask you to continue to call us because we will never stop listening." He also added that there was "something unique about this case" and Sims "was loved by so many people, nationally."

Simpson, who is also 20, is facing a second-degree murder charge, per CNN's source, East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III.

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