In the wake of the Dallas Mavericks' workplace misconduct scandal, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is urging all teams to hire more women and to make it easier for them to report any possible misconduct. 

In a memo obtained by The Associated Press, Silver laid out several steps that teams might take to improve their workplace culture without going so far as to mandate changes. 

"Respect and integrity are core NBA values, and we all must work to ensure that they are reflected in the culture and workplaces of our organizations," Silver wrote.

Among the suggestions to teams were the hiring of more women in leadership roles, instituting new and better ways for employees to report harassment, and sexual harassment training for members of team organizations. 

All of this follows a bombshell report in Sports Illustrated that uncovered a deep-seated culture of harassment and inappropriate behavior around the Mavericks and a subsequent investigation into the team.

“The findings of the independent investigation are disturbing and heartbreaking and no employee in the NBA, or any workplace for that matter, should be subject to the type of working environment described in the report,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in a statement about the investigation's findings, released on September 19.  “We appreciate that Mark Cuban reacted swiftly, thoroughly and transparently to the allegations first set forth in Sports Illustrated – including the immediate hiring of Cynthia Marshall as CEO to effect change, but as Mark has acknowledged, he is ultimately responsible for the culture and conduct of his employees."

Since that report came out, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has agreed to donate $10 million to charities that help women attain leadership roles and combat domestic abuse.  

Silver sees the revelation of misconduct as a moment for the rest of the teams in the league to better themselves. 

"Use this opportunity to make changes and create a dialogue within your organizations about workplace policies, procedures and respectful conduct," Silver wrote in the memo.

In addition to the changes made by Cuban voluntarily, the organization is required to regularly report to the league to see that the changes recommended in the league's report are being implemented.