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The NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition is set to drop on September 7, so to whet our appetites just a bit as we count down these final few days, 2K Sports released a new "Come for the Crown" trailer. The title is pretty fitting for the special edition’s cover athlete LeBron James, who is widely considered the best basketball player on the planet today. 

"Every reign comes to an end," James declares. "The crown is coveted by all. I know you’re coming. I hear your footsteps. I feel you creeping closer." While LeBron's remarks can speak to anyone who feels like they are at the top of their game, they are especially meaningful for 'Bron, who will be turning 34 in December, and must wage the war between himself, Father Time, and the NBA superstars who feel as though they are ready to claim the crown. 

"But this king is far from finished," James responds. "This... you will have to work for. This... you will have to earn. You already know my name." LeBron pulls down the zipper of his hoodie to reveal his gold Lakers No. 23 Showtime jersey. James shared a first look of himself in his new gear, as well as a shot of the UNDFTD x Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro PE, in early August when he posted photos on Instagram.  

Check out the trailer, which included a few snippets with the game's soundtrack executive producer Travis Scott, above. 

The "Standard Edition" of the game will be available on Sep. 11.