Annoyingly, a smattering of idiots have spent actual time being mad at Nike for doing something very fucking cool.

Mostly, people who are pissed at Nike for backing Colin Kaepernick tend to behave in exactly the manner in which one might expect anthropomorphic mashed potatoes mixed with mayo to behave, i.e. they burn shoes they already bought and cut logos off their own socks in an apparent effort to dunk on themselves.

Those ill-advised methods of idiocy, of course, have had practically zero impact on Nike's bottom line. In fact, Thursday it was revealed that Nike stock actually just hit record highs following the Kaepernick-featuring campaign, which is righteous. The boost has now been given the tweeted thumbs-up from LeBron James, who also used the opportunity to take a swipe at those aforementioned anti-Nike idiots.

Compellingly, LeBron's message was immediately met with a request from a random individual with an American flag in their Twitter name for the new Lakers player to sleep with his wife:

Earlier this week, the limited edition I'm With Kap jersey—proceeds from which will be given to Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp—instantly sold out upon launch.