Kobe Bryant appeared on Ellen Degeneres' eponymous show to promote his book, Mamba Mentality, before Ellen challenged him to a game of basketball. But because this is a quirky daytime talk show, they played a remixed version of Connect 4 where they have to make free throws into the slot they want the ball to go into. In the clip, Ellen makes her first shot but Bryant misses his first one. "See this is why I'm not coming out of retirement," he says.

The two continued to make their shots but unfortunately, they couldn't connect four balls for a while. "We've got ourselves a ball game here Ellen," he joked. "We've got ourselves a game." But a few minutes later, the NBA legend and beat Ellen in the silly game. He even won a tiny trophy.

In his sit-down interview with Ellen, Kobe said his "most prized possessions" include a Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone edition signed by J.K. Rowling, a Game of Thrones series set signed by George R.R. Martin, and a copy of the score for Dear Basketball, his Academy Award–winning short film, signed by the composer John Williams. Now it'll include the Connect 4 trophy, which Kobe said is going right next to Philosopher's Stone.

As for his own book, Ellen suggests any girls playing against Kobe's daughter should pick it up. And, no, the Black Mamba's won't be returning to the NBA anytime soon, as his wife Vanessa said in August.