Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston is being sued for over $75,000 in damages by an Arizona Uber driver who claims that Winston sexually assaulted her in 2016

The woman, identified as Kate P. in a suit filed in the U.S. District of Arizona, is seeking damages related to emotional distress and "future therapy expenses" as well as punitive damages "to punish and deter such conduct."

"She is unimpressed by his continued lack of honesty or awareness into his behavior," Kate's attorney, John Clune told the Tampa Bay Times. "Maybe a more direct financial penalty will get his attention.  He needs to learn from this and have some genuine insight or pay the penalty.

"She knows that she might be just a speed bump for him in his football career, but she is not going to be a small one," he added. 

The newly filed suit claims that Kate picked up Winston from in front of a Scottsdale club in her Uber. The suit says that Winston "became belligerent" and demanded a burrito. While the driver took Winston to a drive-thru, the suit claims that Winston "placed his fingers between her legs and pressed them firmly against her vagina over her yoga pants."

While Winston was not charged with any crimes stemming from the incident, a months-long investigation by the NFL found that Kate's account was "consistent and credible" before suspending Winston for three games under the league's personal conduct policy. 

It is not the first time that Winston has been accused of sexual assault. Erica Kinsman said that Winston raped her while they were both students at Florida State University. While no criminal charges were brought in that instance, Kinsman sued Winston and Winston counter-sued. The case was ultimately settled in 2016. 

The new lawsuit points to Winston's past and says that he "appears to be no closer to understanding the impact of his conduct."