Last year, German newspaper Der Spiegel revealed that international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo had an out-of-court settlement in 2010 with an anonymous American woman who accused him of rape, and now she's stepping out of anonymity to tell her story. In a new Der Spiegel article, Kathryn Mayorga recounts her story in detail, revealing that she's filed a new civil suit against the soccer player in court.

Lawyers for Ronaldo have revealed that they plan on suing Der Spiegel over what they call a "blatantly illegal" report relating to the rape, pursuing "moral damages in an amount corresponding to the gravity of the infringement, which is probably one of the most serious violations of personal rights in recent years." 

Mayorga shares what happened the night she says Ronaldo raped her in his Las Vegas hotel room. As relayed from the German-language publication by Deadspin (there's also an abridged English version at Der Spiegel), she says she met Ronaldo in the VIP area of a nightclub at the Palms Casino on June 12, 2009, eventually joining him in his hotel room alongside her friend Jordan. When she didn't want to ruin her dress by getting in a hot tub with Ronaldo's friends and Jordan, Ronaldo offered her a swimsuit and she agreed to get in.

When she went into the bathroom to change, Ronaldo allegedly came into the adjoining bedroom. She says his penis was out, and he "begged" her to touch it. "When I wouldn't touch it, he begged me to suck it. Like, What an idiot! [...] I was laughing at him because I thought, 'Is this a joke?' This guy that is so famous and so hot...he's a frickin' loser and a creep." 

At that point she says Ronaldo said he'd "let" her go if she gave him a kiss, which she did, after which he became more aggressive. When one of his friends came in, the situation was diffused for a moment, before he allegedly pulled her back into the bedroom. "I pushed him off again, he tried to take off my underwear, but he did not succeed, so I rolled myself up like a ball and tried to protect my vagina with both hands and then he was on top of me," she explained. He allegedly proceeded to anally rape her on the bed as she repeatedly told him no. "When he was done, he still did not want to let me go, he looked guilty and suddenly started calling me 'baby.'"

Of particular note is that a document pertaining to the case reportedly reveals that Ronaldo admitted the sex wasn't consensual, recalling, "She said no and stop several times." Ronaldo reportedly paid Mayorga $375,000 in an out-of-court settlement.