Wide receiver Jarvis Landry hasn't been with the Cleveland Browns for long—the Miami Dolphins traded him to Cleveland for a 2018 fourth-round pick and 2019 seventh-round pick in March—but it seems he has already established himself as a leader in the locker room. In an excerpt from HBO's Hard Knocks, which premiered Tuesday, Landry implores his fellow Browns wide receivers to toughen up and get out on the practice field if they aren't hurt.

Landry's rant, which touches on the Browns' recent disappointing history, is explicit and filled with passion.

"I don't know what the fuck's been going on here, and I don't know why it's been going on here, but if you not hurt—if your hamstring ain't falling off the fucking bone, your leg ain't broke—you should be fucking practicing," Landry tells his teammates. "Straight up. That shit is weakness, and that shit is contagious as fuck."

Landry, who hauled in 112 passes for 987 yards and nine touchdowns last season, doesn't hold anything back.

"That shit been here in the past, and that's why the past has been like it is," he says. "That shit is over with, bro. Ain't nobody going to get better by being on the fucking sideline if you ain't fucking hurt."

Landry challenges his teammates not to be "a bitch" because, he repeats, such an attitude is "contagious."

"That shit ain't happening here," Landry adds.

The Dolphins drafted the LSU product with the No. 63 pick of the 2014 draft. He made three Pro Bowls in his four seasons with Miami.