It's been nearly a week since the President of the United States blasted LeBron James on Twitter.

In the time since, numerous athletes and prominent cultural figures have voiced their support for the Lakers star. LeBron's on-the-court rival Steph Curry was among those who had LBJ's back.

Tuesday night, as Curry prepared for the Ellie Mae Classic golf tournament (which will begin Thursday), the Warriors guard explained how he felt when he saw Trump's tweet.

"Frustration," Curry said, according to the Mercury News. "That rhetoric is all based in some longstanding racism in terms of black men with a voice in power. Unfortunately, that's being revealed more and more as the days go on."

Curry and LeBron have dueled during the past four Finals, and any NBA fan who's watched those showdowns knows there's some bad blood between the superstars. But off the court, they have consistently stood together on social issues—like when Curry said he had no desire to visit Donald Trump in the White House and Trump rescinded the offer to the Warriors.

"It's all about staying focused on the work that everybody is doing," Steph said. "Speaking for people who can't speak for themselves and not getting caught up in people trying to divide us."