Former Ohio State football assistant coach Zach Smith went on a Twitter tirade on Wednesday to get a number of grievances off his chest. Smith first started his series of tweets by sending reporter Brett McMurphy a link to a Facebook post from a friend who has known him since he was two years old. "Ready to start being a real journalist?," Smith asked. 

Smith continued to go the offensive against McMurphy while briefly including Paul Finebaum. Smith has taken issue with the way McMurphy has covered the story without taking into account how this news would impact his children.

Smith concluded his attack on McMurphy by saying, "I will see you in court you clown," a clear sign that the coach plans to slap the reporter with a lawsuit. 

Smith was fired by Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer just days after a judge issued a protection order when it was ruled that the assistant coach was an imminent danger to his ex-wife. He was charged with criminal trespassing after he dropped off his children off at his ex-wife’s home. The Ohio State Board of Trustees voted to suspend Meyer for the first three games of the season following an independent study into the issue.