The Netflix show Last Chance U moved to a new destination for its third season, leaving Scooba, Miss., behind to document the trials and tribulations of a football season in Independence, Kan. Independence's head coach, Jason Brown, was a polarizing figure.

Brown is an undeniably effective recruiter, but some questioned his aggressive coaching tactics—he wasn't afraid of screaming at his players or coaches, and his tirades were often laced with profanity. Despite Brown's often-not-family-friendly nature, much of Last Chance U's audience appeared to love the ball coach. In an interview with TMZ, Brown explained that he's now swimming in offers from recruits—and women.

"We've had to turn down about 400 kids in the first weekend alone," Brown told TMZ. "I had about 5,000 emails in 24 hours."

Brown, a former quarterback who briefly played in the NFL with the Chiefs and Giants, explained on the show that he's a "single bachelor."

"But that's not the only perk from being on the show—Brown says he's gotten A LOT of attention from female fans looking to get to know the coach on a personal level...though Brown says he's playing hard to get," TMZ writes.

In other Last Chance U news, running back Isaiah Wright, one of the main figures of the show's first two seasons, agreed to a plea deal last week and had his murder charge dropped. It appears Wright is hoping to play football again.