Karl-Anthony Towns and Zach LaVine spent two seasons together with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and it appears the T-Wolves' young players spent much of that time playing video games. That does not, however, mean both Towns and LaVine are good at video games. In fact, Towns thinks very little of LaVine's video-game abilities.

In a recent interview that took place during a Call of Duty: Black Ops session, Towns completely roasted LaVine. "Who's the worst player at Call of Duty that you know?" the host, Jordan Payton, asked.

"Zach LaVine," Towns answered. "Oh my god, he's so bad. He loves playing video games, too, God bless his soul."

The 2015 No. 1 overall pick didn't stop there. "He knows it, too," Towns added. "He knows he's trash. There’s a lot of hours that I've spent with [him], and I was not enjoying that whole time."

To prove his point, Towns even dialed up LaVine's father, asking the patriarch, "Is Zach bad at every video game he's ever played?"

Dad showed no mercy. "Trash," he emphatically responded. "I don't even know why he plays."

LaVine spent the first three years of his career with the T-Wolves before being traded to the Bulls as part of the Jimmy Butler deal in the summer of 2017. This offseason, he signed a massive extension (four years, $80 million) with Chicago.