As expected, LeBron James has already won over at least one of his new Los Angeles Lakers teammates since joining the team a little over a month ago. Josh Hart posted a tweet on Wednesday where he seemingly praised James for being "really different" in comparison to everyone else playing basketball in the league today. "This man is really different when it comes to playing basketball....crazy to watch," Hart wrote. Though he didn't mention LeBron by name, it feels relatively safe to say that's who he was talking about.

James is widely considered the best player on the planet today, so seeing that Hart was left in awe of The King always felt like a foregone conclusion. But the Villanova product could also be trying to get in LeBron’s good graces as he looks to break out in his second NBA season. After being named the MVP of the Summer League where he averaged 24.2 points on 47.1 percent shooting from the field, Hart has made a strong case for why he should be considered for the starting shooting guard over Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. 

Early in the Summer League, Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson took note of Hart’s exceptional play, acknowledging that if he continued to keep up this level of talent and competitiveness, there’s a possibility that Hart could unseat Caldwell-Pope. 

LeBron has always been known to make his teammates better, and Hart will be no exception. It doesn’t hurt that Hart is trying to get a head start on building a solid bond with his exceptionally talented teammate.

Also of note: Hart's most recent comment towards James comes on the heels of the 23-year-old taking a lighthearted jab at The King.