Rockets star and reigning NBA MVP James Harden has been accused of throwing a woman's cell phone this past Saturday morning after that woman allegedly taped a fight that involved a member of Harden's entourage, according to TMZ. The police report on the incident further states that Harden took the woman's phone and tossed it onto the roof of a Scottsdale, Arizona club

TMZ says that one of Harden's friends offered the woman $200 for the phone, which she accepted. Harden then gave her $300 more. After the chaos died down, the woman retrieved her cell phone from the room, and then went to the hospital for a wrist injury which was allegedly incurred after Harden grabbed the phone. TMZ reports that James did this to prevent the woman from selling the clip to TMZ, though if that was the case it didn't work out too well considering they posted the footage she collected anyway, though it's decidedly not great:

As for what happened after the alleged phone throwing, security personnel reportedly busted up the fight. Local police are looking into the incident but they don't consider Harden a suspect yet, however he is named in their official report.

The Houston Rockets and James Harden will kick off their 2018-19 regular season at home on Wednesday, October 17 against the New Orleans Pelicans.