Ice Cube's three-on-three basketball league, the Big3, has landed some marquee players: Allen Iverson, Amar'e Stoudemire, Chauncey Billups, and Nate Robinson, among others. But Kobe Bryant would be the biggest addition yet.

Kobe, who retired in 2016, doesn't seem to have any desire to get back on the court, but that hasn't kept Ice Cube from trying. Cube said Kobe has "always turned me down," but he's persistent, and whenever Kobe gets the itch to play again, "we here to scratch it." Give the man credit for his ambition and perseverance.

Kobe has committed his life to the art of storytelling, at least for the time being, and earlier this year he received an Oscar for Dear Basketball. Still, we all know the Mamba loves the game of basketball too much to give it up altogether, and it'd be fun to see him compete in the three-on-three setting. Accept the challenge, Kobe.


Name droppin’!!! A little @thebig3 Star Power #BIG3Season2 #BIG3PLAYOFFS

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The Big3 playoffs will take place Friday in Dallas, Texas.