Draymond Green is finally speaking out about the rumored incident between himself and Tristan Thompson at a post-ESPYs party earlier this month.

Green posted a series of messages on his Instagram Story where he labeled reports as "inaccurate." "I’ve enjoyed y’all stories and talk shows over the last couple days!!!," he wrote. "Them joints inaccurate doe G!!! Aight, carry on my good people."

The initial report, which came from Bossip, claimed that Thompson hit Green with a "two-piece" before the two were separated by Kevin Durant and LeBron James. That story led to Cavaliers fans planning a parade to celebrate Draymond getting punched by Tristan. The Facebook invite already has 4,500 people who have indicated that they would attend such an event. Green advised them to rethink the parade, adding, "They may want to cancel that parade too lol."

Then, Green took back his advice to Cavs fans, and told them to keep the parade as planned since "that city won’t have any for a while... I forgot Bron left." Ouch. Draymond added that the only reason he decided to address these rumors was because "ma dukes was tired of y’all talking!" 

On Wednesday, Marcus Thompson of The Athletic claimed that the Thompson/Green incident never turned into a "full altercation" as previously reported. "After a conflict resolution session among NBA millionaires, temperatures settled," Marcus Thompson wrote. "The party continued with Green and Thompson co-existing without issue, laughing and partying the rest of the night."