At one time, it seemed inconceivable that LeBron James could ever return to Cleveland, given how fans (and the team's owner) reacted to LeBron's decision to take his talents to South Beach. But, of course, LeBron did just that in 2014, coming back to his hometown team and ultimately achieving his goal of bringing a title to the Land.

Could Kevin Durant make a similar return to Oklahoma City next summer? He has a player option after the 2018-19 season, and some believe Durant is open to that possibility.

On a recent episode of Jeff Goodman's podcast, Yahoo!'s Chris Mannix broke down the situation.

"The relationship between Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City was never really torched," the NBA insider said. "Oklahoma City always said the right things about him, and they always did right by him publicly."

But what about the Russell Westbrook Effect? Their strained relationship would certainly prevent a possible return, right?

"And the relationship between Durant and Russell Westbrook, while not being great by any stretch, is probably—I think you'd agree—as good as it's been since he left Oklahoma City," Mannix continued. "So all those things are gonna be factors and make me think that Oklahoma City will at least be on his list of possibilities [in free agency] next summer."

There's no question this is a longshot—K.D. would probably receive hate for coming back to Oklahoma City now that the team has locked up Paul George—but it will still be a fascinating narrative to follow. This league truly never rests.