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It's not uncommon over the past several years to see professional athletes get perturbed/pissed off about their ratings whenever a new Madden or NBA 2K drops, which is probably the result of this generation of pros growing up playing video games. While it has previously been explained how 2K comes up with their ratings, in the minds of some players, it still amounts to some nerds summing up the entirety of their skills and career with a single number. When it's directly comparable to your peers, you can understand why insanely competitive people care about it, even when you'd assume they'd have better things to do.

On that note, LeBron James is set to appear on the cover of the 20th-anniversary edition of NBA 2K19 (with Giannis Antetokounmpo on the normal version) and thus we became aware of his rating on Monday. And though his new roster (just like the old one) is still a few create-a-players shy of contending for a virtual title, the Lakers' big fish appears satisfied with the 98 rating he'll sport when the title releases in September:

As pointed out by Uproxx, this is the 12th time (out of 16) that LeBron's been given a 97 overall rating or better. Two of the four times he missed out were in his first two seasons in the NBA. Last year he hovered back and forth between a 97 and 98. He also grabbed the ultra rare 99 rating just once, in NBA 2K14. It feels like it's worth noting (which I guess he did on his IG post) that he's 33-years-old.