Adrien Broner has some choice words for 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather, who are currently/forever beefing on Instagram.

On Monday night, while leaving Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles with Gervonta Davis, Broner told TMZ that 50 and Floyd are “on some bitch ass shit.” He continued, “Y’all some bitch ass n***as. Y’all gotta stop that man. Y’all brothers. ... I’m mad as fuck y’all doing that in public. ... Get that shit together, man. I love both of y’all, man. We black, man. They already want us to lose, man.”

Broner is friends with 50 and Floyd, and is tired of seeing them fight online. Broner also added that if he and Davis can get past their differences, 50 and Floyd can do the same.

Floyd and 50’s beef is a few years old, initially starting when 50 and former Mayweather associate Tommy Summers attempted to start a new promotion company while the boxer was in jail. They also tried to push longtime Mayweather advisor Al Haymon out of the picture. 50 Cent has spent the last week or so taking shots at Mayweather, and according to the boxer, he's only responded to defend his name.

“I wish 50 nothing but the best, I want him to keep doing what he doing,” Mayweather told Complex. “I watch Power. Even if he left the show, people still wanna watch the show. But as far as this season, it's shit. It's been garbage... as far as the other seasons, it's been the best show.” He added, “I'm not going to be out there disrespecting nobody, but I'm not gonna tolerate no disrespect.”