Jordan Bell just wanted to provide his fans on Instagram with an update on his come up from being a student at Oregon to living in The Bay and playing for the Golden State Warriors. What Bell ended up with was a stalker.

The Mercury News recently ran a profile on Bell where they track his roller coaster of a rookie season. In addition to having a surprising start to his first year in the NBA coupled with a bone bruise in his left ankle that sidelined him for a month, Bell encountered a stalker that forced him to leave his apartment. 

In September, Bell posted a promotional photo on Instagram of himself and his dog Prince as they stood on the balcony of his Lake Merritt apartment. 

Someone started stalking him after the person was able to figure out his location by picking up on the clues offered up in his photo. 

Months later, after moving, Bell shared a video on Instagram which showed that there was hail falling in the Bay Area. Bell soon realized that the footage could potentially lead to someone deciphering his new address, so he quickly deleted it and, luckily, didn't face any more stalkers. 

Head to Mercury News to read the full profile on Bell. 

Game 4 of the 2018 NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors will take place on Friday, June 8.