LeBron James’ potential departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers has left fans biting their nails as they await his final decision. But if the four-time MVP ultimately chooses to abandon his team, antacid purveyor TUMS is here to help.

Allow us to explain: Just a day before NBA free agency officially opens, TUMS announced it will provide free heartburn medicine for those with gastrointestinal issues that may arise of LeBron decides to move.

“Hey Cleveland, is the basketball free agency mania triggering heartburn? TUMS feels your pain and will deliver free TUMS at the first home game of next season if your star decides to take his talents to another team,” Valeria Saccol, TUMS’ brand manager, said in a press release. “TUMS may not be able to convince him to stay in The Land, but at least we can provide heartburn relief for fans who need it.”

How considerate.

On Friday, it was reported that LeBron had opted out of his Cleveland contract option and became an unrestricted agent. Though there’s still a chance that King James will choose to stay with the Cavs, sources say he is eyeing teams like the Lakers and 76ers.

Stay tuned to see how the story unfolds.