Unfortunately, Serena Williams will not continue to compete in the 2018 French Open. The dominant Williams, whom Roger Federer recently declared tennis' G.O.A.T., had to withdraw because of a pectoral injury.

Serena said, via the French Open: "I unfortunately [have] been having some issues with my pec muscle...Right now I can't actually serve, so it's actually hard to play when I can't physically serve. In my doubles yesterday, I tried a lot of different tapings and support. It didn't get a lot better."

Serena said she tried a number of different equipment support options Sunday but her pain was not significantly relieved, so she made the call to withdraw—she said this is the most painful injury she's ever endured.

Serena was set to compete with Maria Sharapova Monday.

Watch Serena's full press conference announcement below.

The injury is the second reason Serena is in the news Monday. The first: a journalist has come under fire for asking her an extremely weird and sexist interview question about Sharapova's appearance.